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Eve of the Fae

When Faerie tale dreams come true, nightmare creatures can be deadly.

Eve doesn’t believe in magic or fate. But, when her carefully ordered life begins to unravel, she decides to take a chance and follow her recurring dream of the legendary Faerie Queen to Lydbury Manor, her uncle's family estate in England. Maybe spending the Christmas holiday with her aunt and uncle will help her sort out her future and solve a family mystery.

As a member of the Fae High Court, Liam should be fighting on the front lines with his cousins, not cooped up in Lydbury Manor masquerading as a human and playing secretary to an elderly professor. But he still hasn’t completed his mission, and he’s running out of time. The Wild Hunt will ride again at the Winter Solstice unless he can find and destroy the artifact that will stop the spirit of Lord Edric from laying waste to the remaining Fae.

Forced to work together, and failing to fight their mutual attraction, Liam and Eve are caught between deadly Fae laws and the Spirit of a madman. Survival will mean surrendering control and rediscovering strength.

Daphne du Maurier Finalist 2018
I Heart Indie Finalist 2019

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Dawn of the Fae

A half-demon on the run. An Elemental Fae with broken magic. Together they could end a war or bring both sides down in flames.

Nigel wants no part in his demon mother’s war against the Fae. Hoping to cash in on a favor and hide out until it’s over, he ventures deep into the forest in search of the Faerie Queen’s son. Lost and frustrated, he encounters an Elemental who he hopes will help him.

Dawn has two days to get her fire magic under control before she will be tested for the Conclave. This once-in-a-millennia competition will pit the most powerful Elementals against each other in a tournament to determine who will earn the title of Guardian of the Elementals.

Nigel makes a deal with Dawn. He’ll help her get her fire magic back if she leads him to the Fae Court. But the last thing Dawn should be doing is bringing a demon to a secret Fae ritual. As sparks fly between Dawn and Nigel, the two must decide where their loyalties lie and what price they are willing to pay for falling in love with the enemy.

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Will of the Fae

Families are complicated. Magic can’t fix everything. And sometimes love has the worst timing.

Arabella, commander of the Faerie Queen’s Guard, Sworn to protect the Fae against all threats, would do anything for her cousins. Anything, including agreeing to give birth to a Faeling who might someday inherit the throne, even though there’s a war brewing and it’s her responsibility to protect the Fae.

After months of isolation, wintering over as caretaker for her family’s lodge in the Alaskan wilderness, Willow is ready to return to civilization. Just as the snows start to melt and the new caretaker is due to arrive, a string of strange occurrences and a best friend in trouble might cause her to change her plans.

When Arabella ends up on the wrong end of some Elemental blood magic and finds herself powerless and knee deep in snow, Willow discovers the Fae commander lurking in the shed at River Pines Lodge. To get home, Arabella must hide her magic, swallow her pride and ask a human for help. A human who reeks of magic but who appears completely unaware of her powers. Snowed-in and depending on each other for survival, it’s only a matter of time before secrets are revealed and hearts start to melt.

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Hunter of the Fae

In a war between Demons and Fae, the enemy of her enemy is… her ex-boyfriend?

When Angela Wade swore an oath of fealty to the Faerie Queen, she didn't expect that she'd be sent on a reconnaissance mission armed with an adorable guard dog and not a lick of magic. Worse, she’s been asked to spy on the one man she wishes she could forget, her ex-boyfriend.

Maxwell Hunter isn’t just any wizard. For centuries, a member of the Hunter family has led the ancient Society of Wizards. Protecting the family’s reputation meant giving up the one woman Max ever truly loved. When she steps back into his life, he is determined to earn a second chance.

As Angie sinks deeper into the world of magic her loyalties are tested and she is torn between the man she still loves and saving the Fae. But this time it’s about more than family secrets. The fate of who controls magic is at stake. If the wizards side with the demons, Angie and Max will find themselves on opposite sides of a war that has been brewing for centuries.

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Ash of the Fae

Caution: Falling may be deadly.

Fashion influencer and secret wizard, Hannah Vos, knew she had haters. She just didn't expect her best friend to be one of them. Now she's determined to save her career, even if it means confronting the half-demon frenemy who almost killed her. But first she’s going to have to ditch the annoyingly attractive Dragon Fae that the Faerie Queen assigned to be her bodyguard.

When Ved Ashwing volunteered to protect Hannah, he thought it would be easy. So long as he kept her inside her warded apartment and kept the demons outside, he would prove he could be trusted and secure his position among the Dragon Fae. But sitting around and waiting until the war with the demons blows over is not on Hannah’s to-do list.

Determined to complete his job, Ved agrees to accompany Hannah behind enemy lines so she can secure the future of her career at her frenemy’s annual summer party. To make it work, Ved will have to pretend to be Hannah’s boyfriend. But Ved can’t like, and the last thing either of them wants is to be catching feelings when they should be crushing demons.

Can they keep up the act long enough to end the war between the Fae and the Demons? Or will their enemies find a way to use their inconvenient attraction to destroy them?

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Modern Fae Novellas

Vivian's Promise

Faeries, vengeful spirits, and a stranger with ties to the supernatural world.

Hours before Vivian's wedding to her childhood sweetheart, she’s lured away from the chapel and ensnared by a faerie. A bargain secures her freedom temporarily, but she’s captured by the Wild Hunt before she can return to her wedding party.

While searching for the Fae, Oscar discovers a tricky Rogue trapping a tourist into a deal she will regret. Before he can get capture the faerie it is scared away by a band of vengeful spirits who happen to be led by one of Oscar's ancestors.

The two are taken captive and must maintain the illusion of being in love if they hope to escape. They’ll have to decide how much they’re willing to sacrifice in order to return to their normal lives. Or maybe returning to normal isn't really what they want after all.

Note: This novella can be read as a stand-alone story, before or after the other books in the series.

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Vivian's Promise book cover

Eve the Immortal

With immortality and a supernatural mate comes great responsibility -- and a lot of secrets to keep.

Living a double life and hiding Liam's true nature from her aunt and uncle is difficult enough, but balancing life in the "real world" with life among the Fae becomes even more complicated for Eve when her best friend decides to visit Lydbury and check up on her.

Meanwhile, the Faerie Queen has decreed that it's time for the Fae factions to rebuild after the war with Edric, and the first order of business is reproduction. But any child Liam has with Eve would be human, not Fae. Breaking that to Eve isn't going to be easy.

Faced with difficult decisions and new challenges, Liam and Eve must learn to trust each other and work together if they want to remain paired as life mates.

Note: This novella is an extended epilogue to the first book in the series and should be read after Eve of the Fae.

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Rogue Assassins

Rescue the queen. Don't lose your heart.

When the Queen of the Fae is captured by a human hunter, Sorcha, the queen’s youngest sister, is convinced that her sister needs help. Unable to persuade her other High Fae sisters to join her on a rescue mission, she goes to the queen’s sire, the High Rogue, for help.

Bryn, an apprentice serving the High Rogue, has been hoping to climb the ranks of the Rogue Fae. When the High Rogue’s untrained niece appears, asking for help rescuing the queen, Bryn sees this as an opportunity and agrees to take on this mission.

With only days remaining before the wedding, the unlikely pair set off on their mission. But if Sorcha can’t control her impulsive nature, and Bryn can’t stay one step ahead of the High Rogue’s schemes, the Faerie Queen will remain the captive of a power hungry human and Fae magic will slowly fade away.

Note: This is a stand-alone story that occurs alongside the events of the other books in the Modern Fae series.

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Seren's Secret

Demons may be deadly, but dragons can steal your heart.

Seren was cast-out by her Elemental Fae kin because they believe she is cursed. But that hasn’t stopped her from searching for a way to change the rules. So when the commander of the queen’s guard offers Seren the opportunity to do just that, she accepts, even though it means spying on her only friend.

Damir has always been curious about his High Fae kin, but his responsibilities kept him close to his Dragon Fae clan and their brutal, bloodthirsty ways. When a new Alpha takes charge and threatens the lives of his wingmates. Damir realizes it's time to go to his long lost High Fae kin for help, whatever the cost.

When Seren finds the lost High Fae prince wandering in the woods, she warns him to keep away from her and her curse. But the Dragon Fae don't believe in curses. As Seren tries to push him away, Damir realizes that she is exactly what he needs. Together they could find home, but only if curse-breaking kisses from princes aren’t just the stuff of fairy tales.

Note: This story takes place alongside the events of book two and should be read after Dawn of the Fae.

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Modern Fae Box Sets

Tales of the Fae

Modern Fae Novella Anthology

Get all four Modern Fae novellas in one bundle, on ebook and in paperback!

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Modern Fae Box Set

Books 1-3

Get the first three novels in the Modern Fae series, now in one ebook box set!

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